Meet our ASMs

The following Scouters have completed training for Assistant Scoutmaster, and serve in that role for our Troop:

  • Thomas Smith
  • John Lemons

I am a father of two as well as a teacher. My family lives in the downtown area and we enjoy the access this offers to parks and events, much of the time on bikes. I enjoy working with youth as they develop skills and utilize their talents. One of my favorite components to Scouting is the EDGE method (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable). It is a proven model for fostering capabilities. Being active in the outdoors and as well as project minded is a great place to practice this
Having been a Den Leader in Cub Scouts for five years, I look forward to working with Troop 115. My son and I, as well as the rest of the family, have had some fabulous experiences over the past handful of years. There were quite a few caring, supportive and engaging adults which contributed to the Cub Scout Pack’s success and 115 has been just the same. I look forward furthering these growth minded experiences in which the Scouts are a major contributor to their Troop.

  • Elliot Hogan
  • Steve Wood

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