Providence Canyon Redux

Troop 115 at Providence Canyon
Our first view of the Canyon from above.
Providence Canyon in Lumpkin, Georgia as seen from the canyon rim

BSA Scouts Troop 115 hiked Providence Canyon this past week. The scenery was amazing and our scouts accomplished a lot. As Mr. Smith says, “we don’t go camping to rough it.” We walked a long way but there were rewards around every bend and over every hilltop.

Troop 115 at Providence Canyon
Scouts and leaders at one of the overlook areas at Providence Canyon State Park.
abandoned cars
Our scouts saw several abandoned cars can be found along the hiking trail. These cars were left behind by land owners when the park land was purchased by the state.

We saw several interesting sites along the hiking trail, like abandoned classic cars, and interesting plants. We had a picnic near one of the streams near the canyon bottom.

When we returned to our campsite, we enjoyed a filling dinner. Scouts had chili and cobbler.

We didn’t let the rain deter us from a good time. We sat under the shelter and talked the night away with the sounds of the raindrops in the background. With full bellies, and a little tired from our adventure, we returned to our tents for a very sound night of sleep.

I know that I can barely wait for the next Scouting adventure.