Lofty Heights for Badge Requirements

Greg Cohen of Lofty Pursuits

What can a scout troop do to complete a merit badge requiring a field trip during a time of social distancing? If you’re with Scout Troop 115, you arrange for a Zoom meeting and get your tour without leaving the safety of home.

Merit badge requirement 5b says “Visit a food service facility, such as a restaurant or school cafeteria.” then goes into details about food safety. Business owner Greg Cohen of Lofty Pursuits led our troop through his restaurant to meet this requirement.

In addition to the normal food safety measures, which were discussed in some detail, scouts also got lessons in planning and preparedness as Mr. Cohen discussed in detail, how he saw the news about the coming pandemic and how he prepared for the worst possible scenarios. The attention to details was really amazing, and our scouts got to see the extensive preparations taken by Mr. Cohen and his Lofty Pursuits battle crew. Even a new hands-free door handle has been added so that patrons and staff can open the door with just their forearm.

In addition to regular health standards, Mr Cohen detailed how candy is now packaged and held for additional time based on the latest information about the novel corona virus, COVID-19. He explained how the even the minimum shipping time was figured into the formula for the safest package of sweets possible.

It certainly made for a sweet conclusion for a merit badge which mostly deals with death and illness. Troop 115 thanks Mr. Cohen for his time and help with our merit badge studies.

If you are interested in pursuing merit badges with Troop 115, please use our online form to contact the Scoutmaster. Our next merit badge will begin shortly for Animation. We will also have a special guest for that badge as well. We hope to see you soon.